About Blythe
Kenner Blythe 1972

Takara Tomy Blythe 2008

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Neo Blythe

Welcome Winter (WW)

Her knee-length, dark brown has a slight wave. Her straight bangs fall at her green eyeˇ@shadow and dusty pink lips and cheeks.

Her face type is 'radiance' and her skin color is "natural".

Her eye colors are blue(left), green(front), and the special eye colors are dark brown(front) and dusty rose (right).

Official Blythe Shop Execlusive

Available:January 25th 2008
Price: 13,440yen* (tax included)

Happy Harbour (HaHa)

Face mold: RBL

She wears natural colored makeup of brown eye-shadow, pink lips, and cheeks. Her hair color is mix of little yellowish light brown and ash blond hair. She has a cute bob that falls at her chin.

Her eye colors are all special colors of grey (left), light green (front), brown (right), and light blue (front).

Release date: February 22nd
Price: 13,440yen* (tax included)

Prima Dolly Ashlet encore (PD1Ae)

Face mold: SBL

Price: 7,875 yen* (tax included)

Prima Dolly Saffy encore (PD2Se)

Face mold: RBL

Price: 7,875 yen* (tax included)


Prima Dolly Aubrey encore (PD2Ae)

Face mold: RBL

Price: 7,875 yen* (tax included)


Natasha Moore (NM)

Face mold: SBL
Skin color: Fair skin

"Natasha Moore" is a stylish spy with gorgeous wine-red, wavy hair. She is mysterious with purple eyes, cool sunglasses, and a mole near her mouth.
She wears a black and purple dress under a black houndstooth checkered coat.

Date Available: March 2008
Price: 10,290yen* (tax included)

Heart of Montmartre (HoM)

CWC Limited Neo Blythe

Face mold: RBL
Skin color: Natural

Montmartre loves to ride the merry-go-rounds if, fell in love ....
Bryce's such a cute name "Heart of Montmartre".
Piece race was garnished by the merry-go-rounds favorite motif is printed on. Cream-colored hat, black cape, don't your think it's cute?

And the final specifications may vary.

Release date: April 2008
scheduled price: 16,590 yen* (tax included)


* Prices as marked were the original official prices with Japan 5% tax included. Please click here to view the most updated Blythe market prices.
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